[DEV & ART] Final: UI + Hide + Smoothing

• UI:
– New Mouse Image when Enlight is learned (better readability)

• Hide:
– Player can break out of his hide when the player shoots or teleports. (animWise)

• Smoothing:
– The camera sensitivity for gamepad is adjusted. (adjust at start no longer needed)


[DEV] New + better PlayerAnims and structure

Video’s : 

– Player no longer walks but is now running through the levels.
– Player doens’t go instantly to the fall animation after jumping only when high enough above the ground
– Hide Animations is fully implemented now.

[DEV] SmartEnemy (cheap navigation) + little tweak hideAnim

This Week I tried to improve the enemy smartness, this is just a start and is not in the current build.

Enemy Follows u if the player hides behind a wall.
Enemy Goes back the same way he followed u so he does not collide with the terrain anymore (not 100% working yet)
Enemy Stores Backpoints when he sees u. (so he can return easily)
SafetyCheck if for some reason on his way back he gets stuck the enemy will search for an available point next to him so he can run the rest of his remaining path.

When start of hide anim player crouches for a second -> next week player will stay in crouch untill hide anim is done.


[DEV] StartUp Crouch Animation + new Enlight UI


Little post this week:

When the Player will be in Hide mode a new animation is played.
The player will also move a bit slower.

When the Player has Learned Enlight the image is no longer a keyboard but a mouse showing the left mouse button so it doesn’t confuse the player anymore

Helped with Brecht this week as well for all enemy bugs, cuz that was main priority.

[DEV] Enemy Animations + Hide Edit


-Smarter (see Brecht his post for more info about this)
-Animations (they have a basic idle animation and run animation)


-when the player wants to hide an animation is played.
-the player can not move during the animation.
-when the animation is over then the player will be invisible for some enemies
(not for the enemy in the video as u can see).

Not in the video

when the Lantern is picked up at the beginning of the scene a little short cutscene is played now. (same as when u learn an ability)

[DEV & ART] Animations in Unity + UI Info


For this week Mathias,Michael and I worked on the animations in Unity.
Now we have basic animations for our Character.
The character can : walk,jump,pickup his lantern and hide animated.


New this week is even more info once a new Ability is learned, the player gets a short display of how to use this ability.
There is also a better Info System when opening the inventory, the same way as when it’s learned a new ability some info is displayed but now on the Left side of the screen to show how to cycle trough the different Pick ups.

[Art & Dev] SkillLearning with new UI + HideMaterials + Font.

More PlayerInfo is added:
-When learning a new ability camera is rotated like last week but particles will now shoot from the pillar to the player itself to ‘learn’ the ability.
-When the player uses the Hide Ability the player becomes invisible using an other material then his own diffuse material so the player knows when he is invisible or not.
-The UI itself is no longer just circles,they are replaced with simpel icons that respresent the skill that has been learned.
-The game no longer uses the simple Arial font but now uses a new font that fits better in Solani.

[DEV] Skill Cooldowns

Every ability the player has learned has it’s own cooldown &
duration(only for teleport and hide).
The cooldowns and durations of each ability are calculated by the lantercomponents the player is equiping.

When the skill is in a cooldown period the UI-rectangle will be filled with a blue rectangle.
If the skill is active and in a duration period the UI-rectangle will be filled with a purple  rectangle for teleport or a gray rectangle for hide, These rectangles will show how long the skill remains active.


[DEV] Player

I was responsible for the Player itself and all the inputs.
the player has to communicate with the lantern and it’s stats .
The player can:
walk,shoot magic,teleport,putting new lanterncomponents & jump.
this is playable with keyboard and mouse or an extern controller.

a little video of what the player can do: