[ART] Animation Tweaks. Project Poster

For our final touches we changed up some animation to better fit our game.
On of these animations is our crouch animation ( used for the hide ability )

The changes can be seen in the following .gif.


As part of the end assignment we needed a poster ( with display of goal, controls etc) to market our game. This is what we decided upon.



[ART] Texture Atlas & Models

The previous week i’ve been busy with retargeting the modular kit and other assets to an texture atlas; This was done so that we could get rid of the default grey and replace it with gradients ( as was planned out in our artdocument).

Another reason for using an atlas would be to save performance.
The folllowing image shows some of the modular pieces with the applied atlas.


There were also some more models created to fill in our environments and create a story.
The following image represents our third enemy ( see previous post) in all his glory and fame.


[ART] New Models

We realised we could use another enemy type to create more diversity throughout our levels. So I’ve crreated another ( and slightly bigger) enemy to join the hostile forces.

Just like all the other enemies he’s based upon a sea creature and morphed into an humanoid form.


Another workingpoint of this week was to break up the silhouette of our player ( specificly the backview) to create a more interesting view to look at while playing.


And last but not least; another pillar was created based upon the ancient cultures.


[ART] Recolour of UI & Models showcase

We decided that the UI needed a shift in colour to prevent extreme popping against certain backgrounds. We decided upon a more saturated blue colour to blend in more with the grey environments. The following image is an exemple of this.



Here are also some new models made and imported inengine from previous that are used all throughout the levels to create more interesting environments.


[ART] Models & UI concepting

This easter holiday we continued refining our assets to be used ingame.
Below can be found the new model of our ‘ability pillar’ and some mesh variations of our guidelights.


We also started working on creating a uniform UI for the player.
Our preference goes out to the blue variant. Due to it creating a better contrast with out game environment but still blending in.


[ART] Expanded Modelkit

This week progress was made in form of expanding the modular ruin kit. The mising pieces were added and some more variations were made.



The following images show a in-engine testscene to preview what is possible when combining the meshes and even re-using them for other purposes.


Repetitive wall elements can be broken up by shoving other meshes in them or simply using one of the variations.

[ART] Player animation & Modular kit start

This week our decided it was preferable to inplement player animation to create a more ‘natural movement’ instead of the gliding of the static mesh.
This can be seen best in our build.

Another focus was the start of the modular meshes so that we would be able to dress up our environments.

The most logical way was to work with multiple modular kits so that we can create ‘unique’ environments faster compared to modeling everything unique.

The folowing image is a breakdown of the start one of our modular kits (ruin kit).
All models should be snappeble to eachother seamless and be easiliy switched out to add diversity.


[ART] Enemy Meshes

We decided to swap the coloured capsule primitifs with meshes to create visual feedback for the player concerning the enemy interactions.

The visual feedback was done by swapping weapon and armour assets to be able to distinguish a difference between enemies. This was also done by playing with the sense of scale of certain enemies.


In the end all amour pieces and weapons will be able to be swapped out easily so that we’ll be able to create almost infinite amount of different enemies for varieties sake.

[ART] Updated Character & Lantern

This week implemented our group our main character.  (instead of the primitive capsule from the early prototype.)

The character itself underwent some cosmetic changes compared to previous iteration.



Another important aspect of the game is the lantern. It is the player hir main weapon of defence and attack.

The lantern will be fully custimizable and unlockable with in-game pickups.
The changes to the lantern are however not only cosmetic.

The following image shows a possible evolution of te standard lantern.


[ART] Early concepts.

The following images contain early concepts of our game.

The player will spend a certain amount of time exploring to find all te pillars.
The following image represents a general layout of the playeable level in which the player will roam.

Key-elements are te different pillars linking up to a central hub which the player must try to disbale in order to escape.

Layer 28.png

The following images contain ideas for emblems and weapons representing the enemy faction.
Note the recurring theme of tridents.

Layer 27.png

Layer 26.png

The following image represents a part of the main area.
Note the use of darker and grim colours to create contrast with our lightmecanics.

Layer 19.png

We are aiming to create an atmospheric experience for te player utilizing light and stylized environments. More on this will follow in the coming weeks.