[DEV] Sound Improvements and New Additions


Last week I added the basics for the Sound Manager, and added a few simple sounds to demonstrate this.
This week I’ve improved the script a lot, adding functionalities such as fading in and out, and 3D sounds. We now have added almost every sound that the game requires. These can easily be changed if we find a better fitting sound later on.

The boss fight now has its own background music, which creates a more tense atmosphere and really elevates the boss-fight-like experience.


Other than that, sounds now have their own volume (split in two groups: Music and SFX) which can be adjusted to your preferences in the Settings menu.
Since these have to be altered with Sliders, and moving the sliders around with buttons felt really slow, I’ve added an overriding script for the slider handler, that now moves the slider faster the longer you hold down the button.


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