[DEV & ART] New Inventory, new lever, healthpickup and level editing

New Inventory

The inventory has been updated visually to be more player friendly. The equiped items now have a orange border arround them.  Each component has unique stats and when u hover u see the new lantern stats with + (green) or -(red) when u would equip this item. The inventory navigation now also supports up/down movement so now u can browse your inventory with the move keys.  Each component also exists in 3 different tiers(grey-red-blue, blue the strongest tier) so the player wants all blue parts depends on the playstyle.

With this new inventory the code behind also changed alot.  Code has been seperated in logic and view of the inventory and more modular  methods have been added.

New Lever

(with sound)

The normal press button wasn’t clear enough for the player so we changed the lever mesh and added a visual and audio feedback for the player.

New Healthpickup

For more player feedback we added a new player healthpickup.  The mesh and partical system make it more clear of what it actually is.

Level editing

Level one and level two have been readjusted so the both levels are playable now.


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