[DEV & ART] Occlusion Culling, Falling Snow & Level Update

Occlusion Culling

To further optimize our game we decided to use occulusion culling. After the frustrum culling(throw away anything outside the camera frustrum) occlusion culling throws away additional meshes that are inside the camera frustrum but that the camera(player) can’t see. This reduces the draw calls and overall polycount that has to be rendered. The effect is strong when u have large structures like mountains and walls that really block the view. The occlusion is baked occording to the data from the occlusion area’s.

Green boxes are the occlusion area’s (unity editor)

Updated Snow Shader

The snow shader has been applied to all our materials in the scene helping unity to increase batching and reduce draw calls which enhance performance.

Every mesh gets the snow shader script and in this script you can adjust many parameters. Falling snow and duration has been added.

Level Update

New meshes and snow has been added to the level.


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