[DEV] Main Menu

Jumping right into the game once the game has loaded is never appealing in a Game. It surprises the Player, and that’s not something we want. We’ve added a Main Menu Screen to prevent this from happening.

The looks of the Main Menu are just a temporary placeholder until we created a decent background to fill the screen with.
In the Start Screen you’ll find a few buttons:
New Game: Start playing in a new game (Currently the only supported way to start a game, since your progress is not yet saved)
Load Game: Load an existing save file (Game will have checkpoints, this progress can be saved onto your PC and loaded in when you wish to continue playing)
Settings: Open the Settings Menu. In here you can configure a few settings such as Sensitivity and inverted movement. This menu can also be accessed in game by pausing the game with ‘P’ (Keyboard) or ‘Start’ (Controller)
Controls: Open the Controls Menu. This (currently) shows an image of the keybindings that you’ll need to know to play the game
Quit: Quit the Game.

The Quit Button in the Pause Menu has now been replaced with a “Main Menu” button, which brings you back to this main menu screen.

This menu is currently only controllable with the mouse, just like the Pause Menu does. Controller support should be added by next week.


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