[DEV&ART] Custom Snow Shader, Inventory Redesign, New Map & Visuals


To let our models blend in with our environment we decided to make a snow shader. The shader is a lightweight shader but is highly customizable and easy to use. With the shader their is a script where u can adjust all shaders params. So no more 100+ materials have to be made but every mesh can just use this script to enable the use of the shader.

scene rendered with snowshader but snow is off (only mat used is the snowshader)

scene rendered with snow on and every object uses different parameters.  (only mat used is the snowshader)

Redesign Inventory

To make the inventory more player friendly and controller friendly. Everytime u access your inv the last selected item is selected and at the bottom u can see the stats of the selected part. Also u can see which part u have equiped with the blue circle. U can navigate through the inv smooth and easy and equip parts you want.Equiping a part changes the lantern stats which can be seen on the left side. Every part belongs to a certain type which is indicated by the horizontal color bars.(can be any color)

Terrain & Visuals

A new map was made to be more player friendly &allow the game to be played without being confused. Learning ability also has a particle effect to “see” the learning. Door script is also extended to support the triggering of the lever without any keypress.


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