[DEV] Updated Enemies

Our enemy has gotten an upgrade, apart from some code rewriting, the enemy now has a healthbar on top indicating its current health and now fires a new projectile.
The enemy projectile is a dark shadow ball, the opposite of the players weapon the light ball. When hit the player will lose a portion of it’s health.

Apart from the long range attack the enemy now has the abillity to perform a melee attack at the player. When the player is in sight the enemy will charge at the player and chase him until he is in reach to attack. This attack will do more damage but the enemy has a delay between attacks. As seen in the picture the red enemy will fire projectiles while the other enemy is a melee attacker charging towards the player.Enemies3
The enemy is now also more customizable, a variaty of settings ranging from the different behaviours, certain abillity’s, health settings, damage settings,… These variables let us create different types of enemies and can be expanded later on

The focus for now will be to improve the flow of the enemies, improve their behaviours and most importantly make sure they are optimised for the future.


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