[DEV] Inventory, Lantern Stats, -Parts and Door – Lever System

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/205949410]

Lantern Parts

U can now pickup different lantern parts. When the player is in range a text will appear letting the player know he can pick up the part. The player will then unlock the part and it will be added to the players inventory. (each part has different stats that will effect the player’s abilities)


Player inventory consist out of the lantern parts(left side -> 5 slots) and the unlocked parts the player has found(right side). The player then can equip the parts by dragging it to a lantern slot. The lantern stats will change according to it (mesh will be added to the lantern mesh and also stats change) and they will be displayed(total lantern stats). Cant equip the same item twice.

Door – Lever system

Simple door – lever system, the player when in range (also with text) can activate a lever and a door will open. You can control which object and how fast it’s opening. This system will be expended with other features later on.(timer, closing, reactivating , …)

Lantern Updates

Lantern now flickers when the player is getting hit(take damage) and also pulsates when the player get health back from a health pickup.


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